Why You Should Stop Weighing Yourself & 3 Things That Affect the Number on The Scale

Will you have a good day or bad day-When I was on a weightloss journey and really working at it, I would wake up and weigh myself every day…and it would affect my mood. It would either be a great day because I would like the number on the scale or it would be a bad day because I didn’t like what I saw, and I’d let it discourage me.

The scale can have a trickle down effect on your habits and you mood. While it’s important to weigh yourself from time to time just to check in, it’s not the most accurate way to track your progress. Here’s why…The number on the scale is affected by a number of things…like…


#1 – What you ate the day before.

A lot of times if you have something high in sodium or salt or a heavier meal the night before, that is going to affect your weight the next day. Your body holds onto water when your diet is higher in sodium. It’s called Water retention.

As an example, I really love sushi and have tried to cut back on the amount of soy sauce I have, I love coconut aminos, too. But dipping the sushi in it would make me wake up 3-4 pounds heavier the next day. There are certain things you eat that will cause your body to hold onto water and affect your weight the next day.  


#2 – How you train the day before.

If you did strength training, you’re probably going to be a few pounds up the next day. Why?  Because your muscles break down when you strength train and when your body recovers and repairs your muscles, your body holds on to water.

EXAMPLE: I’ve always been a Cardio Queen. I could do cardio all day. It’s fun for me.  But I realized I was burning out and plateauing and that I really needed strength training to make my body stronger and change its composition. When I started incorporating strength training to my daily training routine my body changed. But when I started lifting weights and was still in the habit of weighing myself daily, I would notice the scale going up the day after a hard workout…and it was really discouraging. So, I stop obsessing over the scale. Lifting weights is really good for your body! Don’t let it discourage you. Just know that it will affect your weight by a couple of pounds the next day…but in the long run, you will have far better results!


#3 – Time of the month.

I have one word for you: Hormones. Certain times of the month, your body naturally holds onto water. There’s nothing you can do about it. Except stop obsessing over a number on the scale and know that if you’re eating right and working out…that you’re doing the right thing!

Now imagine if you were affected by all 3 of these circumstances in one day. You could very easily be up 3-4 pounds in a day! If you weigh yourself daily and let that number affect how you feel about yourself or whether and your hard work, you could very easily throw in the towel and say “Screw it! This isn’t working, so I’m going to feel bad for myself and just go eat donuts!”


When actually, you were on the right track and getting closer to your goals.

Stop weighing yourself so much and letting that number affect you. Ultimately, it’s just a number!! And it doesn’t tell you how amazing you are, how kind, funny and smart you are, how strong and beautiful you are, or how good of a person you are. So just focus on being healthy, maybe check in on the scale once a week max, get a good accountability system in place…and KEEP GOING!


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