Waterproof Sweatproof Makeup

Here are my favorite makeup products for a sweat proof workout! Do you find yourself with mascara running down your face after a hard workout looking like a hot mess? I work out a lot and get pretty sweaty, so I feel your pain. While I still look like a hot mess after a workout (which I don’t mind because that means it was a good one), I have found some products I love that really help with keeping your makeup in place no matter how sweaty you get.

Here are a few of my favorites…

make up#1 It Cosmetics CC+ – I use this everyday and I use it when I workout too. It’s really light and doesn’t streak when you sweat. It also has SPF 50, so it’s great for outdoor workouts, too!

#2 It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye – this is amazing especially when if you tend to get dark circles under your eyes, and you do early morning workouts. I also put this on if I have blemish or redness on my face. It’s a great cover up!

#3 It Cosmetics Bronzer, Highlighter and Blush – Great for having a little color and doesn’t streak! Another one I learned from my friend Coach Glitter (former MAU and now branding expert) – you can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Periscope under that name. She has great scopes!

#4 It Cosmetics Waterproof No Tug Eyeliner – this is a waterproof gel liner that literally does not budge no matter how sweaty you get.

Mac Eyeliner Pencil – This is another option and brand I use often. While it’s not labeled as waterproof, it stays on really well. My favorite color is Prussian.

#5 It Cosmetics Brow Power – Uhhh can you tell I’m kind of obsessed with It Cosmetics?? This is great for my fellow blondies that need a little help in the eyebrow department. Good news! With this, your eyebrows won’t melt off during your sweat sesh!

#6 Diorshow Blackout Mascara (Waterproof) –  This is a fancy, more expensive item. It’s a great mascara though and stays on really well! It makes your eyelashes look thicker, fuller and longer. And it really doesn’t budge like most mascaras (even the waterproof kind) do.

Maybeline Falsies Volum Hydrofudge – This is my go-to drugstore waterproof mascara. While it doesn’t go on as smoothly as the good stuff (you may have to brush through a few times to get out some chunks), it still does the job and doesn’t end up smearing on your face when you sweat. I keep this as a backup when I run out of the Diorshow. It works perfectly fine!

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