The Best Late Night Snack for Weight Loss

Best(2)Do you try to stop eating after dinner, but you always get hungry before bed? If you are a night time snacker…what is the best late night snack for weight loss?

Over the last 6+ months or so, one of the habits that has created the most change for me is stopping eating between 7pm and 8pm each night. But I’m a night owl and as much as I’d love to get to bed early…sometimes it doesn’t happen.

Have you ever felt so famished you can’t fall asleep? If that’s the case, don’t eat cereal like most people do. Have a few egg whites. They are a slow digesting protein that will keep you full without very many calories, so your body can still go into fat burning mode like it’s supposed to while you sleep.

I’m not a fan of plain hard boiled eggs, so in times like these, I make an egg white scramble with some flavor god seasoning. Always does the trick! Oh that and lots of water after dinner to keep you full! (I’m curious to know if stuff like this is helpful? Always wondering what to share and appreciate feedback.)

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