Thanksgiving Game Plan: 10 Healthy Holiday Tips to NOT Need Fat Pants & Stay On Your Healthy Kick

Are you one of those people who stuffs their face on Thanksgiving (or other holidays) to the point where you make yourself sick? But you just…keep…going? I used to be one of those girls…just can’t get enough of those dang nut rolls and that pretzel Jell-O (is that only a thing in Pittsburgh? My California friends had no idea what this was). Right around Thanksgiving last year, I started to make some permanent changes to my diet that have STUCK the entire year and have become a lifestyle for me. It was the first year I actually lost weight over the holidays, and I know I will keep going through the holidays this year, too. If you’re trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, too, and the holidays have you a little worried about getting off track again…this is for you! Here are my 10 tips for staying on track at holiday parties, so you can totally toss your fat pants this year and ditch the food coma, and continue eating healthy and losing weight…

1. Wake Up and Work Out!!
This is the best way to get your day off to a healthy start. Schedule that workout now and invite a friend or family member to join you and keep you accountable. You’ll burn some extra calories in the morning and get your metabolism running.

2. Eat a Healthy Breakfast.
This also ties for first! Get your day started off right, so you feel good and set a healthy tone for the day.  I have a healthy meal replacement shake called Shakeology. Get something that’s full of vitamins and nutrients and protein.

3. Bring a Healthy Dish.
You might not be able to control everything that’s being served; however you CAN contribute, and you can contribute something healthy. Bring a healthy salad or veggie dish to the feast, and fill up on that FIRST!

4. Choose Your Splurge in Advance.
Ok you know there’s one thing that you MUST have…or else it just doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving. What’s that one splurge you look forward to all year? Nut roll? Pretzel Jell-O? Stuffing? Pumpkin Pie? What do you eat just because it’s good and it’s there, but it’s also unhealthy, and you can kinda you live without it? You don’t HAVE to put a little of everything on your plate. You know what kind of food will be at the feast. It’s the same every year. So pick your splurge before you go. Eat that, skip the other crap. Let that be your one indulgence. Enjoy it. Move on.

5. Eat Protein and Veggies FIRST.
Turkey is GOOD. So are the veggies you will bring as your healthy dish! Eat those FIRST. Then, have some of the other stuff. It will fill you up on the good stuff, so you have less of the junk.

6. Drink TONS of Water.
This will keep you hydrated and feeling full, so you don’t over do it. We often confuse the feeling of thirst for hunger and end up overeating. If you keep drinking water, you won’t need those second helpings.

7. Limit Your Alcohol.
Don’t you look forward to Thanksgiving because of all the yummy food?? So why DRINK your calories? If you’re going to be around people who like to drink, you don’t have to make a big deal about it and announce it to everyone that you won’t be drinking this year. Just don’t have any. Or make yourself a nice sparkling water with lime (and maybe pretend it’s Vodka – hey, whatever works).  You don’t need to drink to have a good time and enjoy your company. Save those calories for good eats. And if you MUST…just have one drink and call it a day! You’ll be so glad you did. Your best bet is a vodka and soda water with lime or a glass of red wine. Then, just be donzo. Not worth it!

8. Pause Between Sets.
Before you get up for that second helping. Just pause for a minute. Are you actually full? Is your stomach starting to hurt because you already overdid it on round 1? Just stop for two seconds before you go for seconds and take inventory of how you feel. Have a sip of water. TALK to the people around you. Just pause. You might be done!

9. Be the Hostess with the Most-est!
Even if you’re not the host…pretend you are! Get up, start helping clean up. Go do dishes, help box up leftovers, offer other people a refill on water or if you can grab anything for them. If you get up and away from the food, you’ll stop eating! And if you’re not the host…if you start helping out around the kitchen, the real host of the feast will LOVE you and probably really appreciate your help!

10. Get Back to it On Friday!
If you can’t stop eating it…don’t bring it home with you. Give away leftovers if you’re the host. And if you’re taking leftovers home…take the stuff that’s on the healthier side and skip the stuff you just can’t avoid. If it’s not in the house, you can’t eat it! Get back to your normal diet – if you need a clean eating guide, click here and start following this! And schedule your Friday workout in advance. Sign up for a class or invite a friend/family member to meet you at the gym or at your home to work out with you.


Ultimately, it’s just ONE meal…it’s just ONE day. Don’t give up and throw everything away and just start eating cookies and junk all the way through Christmas and into the New Year because of ONE meal. Thanksgiving will only derail you and get you off track if you choose to let it! If you just pick yourself back up and get right back on track…you’ll be just fine!

Happy Thanksgiving!! If you need a little extra accountability through the holidays, click here to apply for my Virtual Bootcamp. We have a free support group on Facebook with a monthly challenge and free guides with general tips for eating clean…and I also do private coaching for people who are really serious and want to follow a program they can do at home and have daily checkin’s with me. If you are interested in private coaching, make sure you email me after you fill out that application, so I can send you a special questionnaire and help you find something that works for YOU! God Bless and Happy Holidays!

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