My Journey to my Best Shape EVA Starts Today!

Turbo - my all time FAVORITE workout - at Camp Do More

I’m documenting my journey to getting in my best shape ever, and I’m super excited about it… AND I’m stepping way outside my comfort zone, too.  This should be interesting… Here’s the deal: I’m a workout fanatic.  I actually enjoy and look forward to working out almost every day.   I’m strong and can kick anyone’s butt in a workout.  Where I’m lacking is in my nutrition.

I’m a single chick that can’t really cook — or cook HEALTHY for that matter —  and I’m pretty much a disaster in the kitchen.  I somehow ruin chicken every time I use my George Foreman, I burn everything, and I can’t seem to measure right.  Disclaimer: I’m not really single, but my boyfriend lives on the other side of the country, so let’s just say I’m cooking for one, and that doesn’t motivate me to cook AT ALL.  But I’ve decided to make a big change, and here’s why…


I Want to go to the Gym in a Bra Top and Shorty Shorts (Specifically the Bra Top to the Right)

I’ve never been entirely satisfied with the shape I’m in…  Yes, I work out a lot, and I work out hard.  But, I don’t FEEL 100%.  I know I’ll never be “skinny” due to my body

This is the bra top I plan to wear to the gym with my shorty shorts. Right now this goes under a shirt with capris, but not for long! ; )

type, and that’s not what I want. I have a dancer’s build…thick legs, a booty, and muscle.  I’m fine with that, but I want to feel good wearing shorts or a bikini in the summer, and I want to feel good working out in Orange County in a bra top.  Yes, I realize I’m overly critical of myself at times, and I’m thankful for what I have… BUT I want to be entirely confident in the kind of shape that I’m in, and I want to feel GOOD and HEALTHY overall.  While I feel awesome about my workouts, I don’t feel great about my eating habits.



I try to eat fairly healthy, but I LOVE FOOD…sweets and carbs especially.  How could I not?  I grew up with a grandma who’s the best baker in the whole entire world.  Cookies, cakes, pies, and amazing homemade bread were constantly around.  I’ve always worked out not only because I enjoy it, but also so I could eat these things.


A Slap in the Face

Lately, I’ve been forming MUCH better eating habits simply as a result of becoming more educated about nutrition and because of my surroundings — I recently moved to California to work for Chalene Johnson’s amazing fitness and motivational companies, which has had a huge influence on me for the better (that story another time).   Anyways, I learned that 80% of your physical results come from your nutrition, and only 20% come from exercise.


What a slap in the face!  All this time, I thought that if I ate a little bit healthier and exercised a lot harder that I’d make progress and see the results I always wanted.  I took a closer look at my diet and realized it consisted mostly of processed food and carbs, and I was eating way more calories than I thought.  No wonder I wasn’t getting anywhere!


Time to Make Some Changes

The bracelet makes me feel like I'm joining a hippie cult, but it's a good reminder!

Making a few changes, cutting out some of the carbs and processed junk, making Shakeology a daily habit, and just paying closer attention helped me drop about 8 pounds in a little over a month!


I’m feeling good, and I want more!  I want to learn more about eating healthy, learn to cook, create better nutritional habits, feel healthy, and get in the best shape of my life… so, I’ve decided to do Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset Program.


In 21 days, I’ll learn how to cook and be eating WAY healthier.  By the end of this month, I’ll be eating vegetarian/vegan.

My refrigerator has never seen this many veggies at once...EVER! I thank God for Shakeology most days.

While I don’t plan to cut meat, dairy, and grains out of my diet forever, I do plan to make healthy eating a habit, continue using many of these recipes, and continue to COOK instead of throwing Lean Cuisines in the microwave for dinner like I used to.


Yes, I feel okay about how I look and the shape I’m in.  However, I realized that I’ve spent way too long just feeling okay about body.  I’m not going to get any younger.  I want to feel great!  Why not get in my best shape ever NOW?  On top of that, I want to be able to help other people feel better about themselves, too!

And this is my last piece of chocolate for the next 21 days. : ( What am I thinking?!


So, I’m doing this!  I start today, May 16, 2012, and I’ll share with you what I learn along the way.  I’m not gonna lie — this is going to be really tough for me, but I can’t wait to come out the other side and be a better version of myself.  I hope that you’ll follow along with me and that the experience I share with you helps you in becoming the best version of yourself, too!  Here we go!

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  1. Vanessa May 22, 2012 at 3:34 pm #

    LOVE this!!! We have so much in common…can you motivate me to do the same and not be a lazy disaster when it comes to cooking too? I would love to be the chick that walks into class reaping that leopard top too without a sheer covering it. xoxo

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