Late Night Abs Routine with Taylor Swift Bad Blood Song

This is a little abs routine that I do in my Piyo Class. I tuck it in at the end of my Piyo Class and people really like it because how can you NOT like a routine to a Taylor Swift song??

LATE NIGHT (1)Piyo is a strength workout inspired by yoga and athletic moves. It’s very athletic and while is primarily strength and flexibility training, it gets your heart rate up and has a cardio effect, too! I like to film fun workout ideas for my Virtual Bootcampers from time to time, and I thought I’d share this one with you, too! If you want to join us and our private Facebook group where we support one another in our health and fitness goals – apply here:

Here are the exercises!

Step #1 Upside Down V Push Up – this is like a hand stand push up. You make your hands into a  diamond shape. Just do a pushup in a downward position, so your head is going towards the diamond. Your butt’s up in the air like an upsidedown V. You’re going up and down, follow the beat. Then you will go half way down and hold. Then go back to a full pushup following the music.

Step #2 Kick Through – do a plank then step right leg to the side, then the left leg taps the ankle of your right leg, come back to plank. You’ll eventually kick all the way through bringing your foot toward the front of the room and squeezing your abs. Then do the same with the other leg alternately. Change your counts to go with the music as shown in the video.

Step #3 Hold Plank – come down and hold a low plank up to 8 counts. You will climb from plank down to a low plank on your elbows, then back to your hands.

Step #4 Hip cross – still on the plank position, let your hips drop side to side.

Will you try this at home? You can do this on a commercial break, it’s a killer exercise and a good song. If you’re a fitness instructor, you can do this in your class. It’s really fun!

I hope you find this helpful! If you like fitness fashion, yummy food, fun workouts…and you care about being a happier, healthier person…let’s hang out!

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