How to Wake Up with a Flat Belly

Wanna feel less bloated and wake up with a flat belly in the morning? Then here’s the biggest tip I can give you: Stop eating by 7pm-8pm at night or at least 3 hours before bed.

Here’s why: Food is fuel, and you don’t need to fuel your body for rest. When you put food in your body late at night, you spend all of your energy digesting the food, instead of going into your fat stores, which is what your body should be doing while you sleep.

If your body is digesting food and working all night, you won’t be as well rested when you wake up. And your body will never go into your fat stores.

Eat well!Again, Food is fuel and you don’t need to fuel your body for rest. Stop 3 hours before you go to bed. So if bedtime is 10pm, you need to stop eating by 7pm. If you’re going to bed at 9 pm, you need to stop eating at 6pm.

Give yourself at least 3 hours, so that rather than digesting your food, your body can burn fat in your sleep. You’ll wake up feeling great and with a flat belly! And when you wake up without bloat, and you’re feeling good…you’ll be more likely to make healthy choices throughout the day.

It’s a simple tip, but one of the best ones for getting in shape and feeling your best!

If you are looking for more help with clean eating and fueling your body with good stuff, so you feel your best, go here to download my free clean eating guide:  


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