How to Track Your Fitness Journey & Progress in a Healthy Way

On a weight loss journey…or better yet, just on a journey to get stronger, healthier, happier and be your best self? There are a few ways to track your progress on your fitness journey. Yes, the scale is one of them, but it’s not the only thing I recommend going by. It can be a slippery slope as well as mess with your head. While it’s important to weigh yourself from time to time, it’s not really the best measure of how you’re doing. And being someone who used to let the number on the scale dictate my mood and my feelings about myself for the day, it’s something I recommend getting away from. Track your progress in more ways than one, so you have a good understanding of where you’re at and how far you’ve come!


#1 – Take your weight.

Weigh yourself no more than once a week. You’ll get the most accurate reading if you weigh in on the same day of the week at the same time of day. But make sure you’re doing at least one of the following to track your progress as well…as the number on the scale fluctuates from day to day based on what you ate the night before, if you were doing strength training, if you’ve added more muscle to your body, the time of month, etc.


#2 – Take a weekly photo of your progress to keep for yourself or to share with a small group of accountability partners.

Ideally, take this pic in the same lighting and same type of outfit that you would be wearing the week before. This is one of the best ways to see your progress over time. You can look back a few weeks and see small changes that motivate you to keep going.


#3 – Taking your measurements and your body fat.

Take your measurements using measurement tape in the following places…

  • Measure 6 inches down from the tip of your shoulder, take the circumference of your arm on each side.
  • Measure your chest at the nipple line.
  • Measure your waist at the smallest point or at the belly button.
  • Take your measurements at your hips, widest part.
  • Measure your legs 6 inches from your inseam, the circumference of your leg on each side.  

If you’re really like leaning out, your measurements will show it more so than the scale.

If you’d like to measure your body fat, you can have that done at the gym. But I prefer to use measuring tape in the comfort of my home as opposed to having a stranger poke me with “fat clamps.” 😉


To stay on track,#4 – Keeping a journal.

The best way to track your progress when you’re in the beginning of your weight-loss journey is to have a food journal or just a journal to document your journey in general. It’s not all about losing weight or body fat. There’s so much more to it! You’re going to focus on the little things like how did I feel today, was I in a good mood, did I feel bloated, what did I eat, am I noticing progress, and did I have more energy today. You can write it down or put it on the notes app of your phone.

When you start a new workout program or new kind of training or new diet. The immediate things that you probably notice (especially if you follow the clean eating guide include less bloat, less gassiness and stomach cramps, less crappiness, less headaches and brain fog…and feeling way more energy and clarity! These are things to take note of and celebrate!


#5 – Check how your clothes fit.

How your clothes fit is a pretty good measure of how you’re doing on your fitness journey. How do you feel in your clothes? Are you comfortable? Do you feel like you’re bulging out of the sides? Are the clothes that used to be loose and it’s a little tight now? Or visa versa?


Ultimately, know that your weight and body fat percentage have no say over the type of person you are and your worth. Love your body every step of the way and be grateful for your health and that you can work out and make healthy choices. Celebrate health and use these practices as a way to track how far you’ve come and motivate yourself to keep going…not as punishment or a reason to berate yourself. Your beauty and strength comes from the inside. :)

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