How to Get Out of your Post – Holiday Slump

How to get out of your

Feeling like you’re in a post holiday slump or depression? Many people do! When we take down our tree and Christmas decorations and all the fun and excitement of the holidays is over, it can be hard to go back to normal everyday life. We get to see friends and family we don’t normally get to see, there’s parties, we eat comfort food we don’t normally have…and then BAM, it’s all over! It’s like an emotional rollercoaster. When it’s over a lot of times it can leave us feeling depressed or sad, just kind of in a slump, lazy, it’s hard to give back into swing of things. I can relate to this, too and having struggled with depression in the past, I have learned coping techniques. So here are some steps you can take to get motivated again, get back into the groove, get excited about the New Year, and ready to tackle new goals!


TIP #1Tip #: 1 Do Something Nice for Yourself

Reward yourself and do something that makes you feel good. This does not mean splurging on more comfort food and continuing your junk-fest. I mean doing something that makes you feel good and gets you going again. Maybe trying a new workout or joining a new fitness class, a massage, or something as simple as getting a spray tan or getting your nails or hair done. Something new that makes you feel refreshed – something you don’t normally do or haven’t done in a while. It will quickly boost your mood!


TIP #2Tip #2: Start Something New

Commit to something new that you can get excited about! This could be signing up for a class to learn something new, starting a new workout program (which I highly recommend for many reasons), starting a new book, picking up a new hobby, try a new way of eating, join an accountability/support group, etc.

I highly recommend starting a new workout program above anything else because the more active you are, the more energy you have, and the happier and more productive you are! Try something new that gets you out of your comfort zone – it will get you better, faster results. And when you start to feel and see results, your motivation will only grow stronger!

When you start something new, you learn new things and have something to focus on. This will take the focus off of your nostalgia and instead place it in your new endeavor that you are excited about.


Tip #3 for -Getting Out of a Post-Holiday Slump-- (1)Tip #3: Decorate Your Home

One thing that really makes the end of the holiday season sink in (and to be honest makes me a little depressed this time of year, too) is taking down Christmas decorations. During the holidays, your home is full of light and warm fuzzies. Then, everything is gone, and it feels very bare. So I’ve started adding a new decoration or two to brighten things up!

While it’s always fun to get new furniture or home accents, it can be as simple as buying a new house plant or flowers for your table or nightstand.  Or you can get a new decoration, a print for your wall, frame a new photo, etc. Anything new that freshens things up and brightens your home will change the vibe.


Tip #4 for -Getting Out of a Post-Holiday SlumpTip #4: Plan Something You Can Look Forward To

This can be a vacation, a weekend trip, or something simple like a date night or a dinner with friends at your favorite restaurants that you haven’t been to in a while. Anything you can plan in the next couple of weeks that you can look forward to that’s outside of your normal routine is going to help you take the focus off of missing all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. If you have something new to look forward to it brings back the excitement and motivation for you again. Plan something new, it can be simple or it can be a vacation or weekend away but something that you can put on your calendar a couple of weeks out that you can look forward to and countdown to. Your focus and mood will shift.


Getting Out of a Post-Holiday Slump (2)Tip #5:  Set Goals and Reflect

Most people set new goals for the New Year, and it’s a good practice to have to get yourself motivated again and get your mojo back!

I highly recommend my mentor Chalene Johnson’s programs and free resources for goal setting. She teaches a 90 day goal setting system (rather than setting one year goals) that works well for staying focused and motivated all year!

In addition to setting new goals, I also look back on the last 12 months and write down in a journal what I accomplished, what good things happen to me over the year, what new things I got to experienced, fun times that I had, things that I’m proud of myself for, personal goals I achieved, etc. Taking time to reflect on and honor the awesome moments in your life will help you to get a sense of closure, and then setting those new goals so you have something to look forward to. For me, it’s a nice way to end the year and to transition into the next one with a positive attitude!

I hope these tips are helpful for you!  I know these things help me, and I make a point to do them every year to get me out of the post holiday slump. Do I still have those feelings of sadness and sometimes even feelings of depression this time of year? Yes, I think that’s a pretty normal thing for most people to experience. But if you take the steps to find your motivation again, get your mojo back, and reinforce positive thinking, you won’t stay in that dark place for long. So try it! I bet you will feel like you again in no time!

If you’re looking for support, you’re looking to start a new workout program, you’ve set some goals about changing your eating habits, or you want to start something new like becoming a fitness coach or starting your own business…then I would love to chat with you more! Shoot me an email at I would love to chat and help you get you started no matter what your goals may be!  

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