Hot for the Holidays Christmas Edition: 12 Days of Fitmas Workout Challenge


Here are the details!! The goal is really just to work out and eat healthy for the 12 days leading up to Christmas, but you can use this workout as an extra push!

3 Ways to Use the 12 Days of Fitmas Workout:
1. Start at 12 and work your way down to 1. Add this HIIT drill on to a 20-30 minute strength routine like PiYo, 21 Day Fix or Hammer & Chisel for an extra push and calorie burn.

2. Each day add an extra round starting at exercise 12 working your way down to 1 with a minute of rest in between. Each round or HIIT will take approximately 2:30-3 minutes to complete. Add an extra round each day…by day 12 you will be using this as your entire workout. 12 rounds will take about 45 minutes…and be really, really hard. So really, just do as many rounds as you can!

3. ANOTHER OPTION: Use this as your entire workout and follow the pattern in the 12 Days of Christmas song working from exercise 1 all the way up to twelve…so like this…

– 1 min. plank…
– 2 tricep dips and 1 min plank…
– 3 high knee twists, 2 tricep dips, and a 1 min plank…
– 4 burpees, 3 high knee twists, 2 tricep dips, and a 1 min plank…etc. all the way to 12.

Killer workout!

Follow the clean eating guide, drink your shakeology, get your workouts in, print out your 12 Days of Fitmas calendar and workout guide to stay motivated and check your workouts off! Post photos and check in’s daily to this group, so we know you are still in! (If you are not working with a Coach and want in our private Facebook group – just shoot me an email

If you’re looking for the workout sheet or the calendar and don’t see it in the feed, click “Files” at the top and you will find it there!

The 12 Days of Fitmas (2)Click here for the PDF Exercise Guide: The 12 Days of Fitmas

If you are looking for personal coaching, want me to check in with you via text each day, and want help with your meal plan, shopping list, recipes, and want to take part in my nutritional counseling where we learn meal prep, healthy eating, etc. I am offering this for free to anyone who starts a new challenge pack (discounted workout program/Beachbody On Demand with shakeology). Just want to make sure that those of you who invest in yourselves and get serious about this have what you need to succeed! smile emoticon Excited to practice my nutritional counseling for my Holistic Nutritionist Certification with you guys! Email me at

Good luck and Merry Christmas! Let the games begin!!!

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