Hairstyles that Don’t Cause Damage or Breakage when you Workout

Do you workout a lot and have trouble keeping your hair pulled back or in the position that you want it in? Or you find breakage of little hairs around your face from always having your hair in a ponytail if you workout a lot? Me, too! I was totally that sweaty girl with the hair problems (still kinda am, but at least my hair is healthier now), and I had to find new ways of doing my hair when working out. I want to share couple of things that would help me and thought this might help you too. So here are some ideas to help you avoid breakage and keep your hair healthy when working out…

This came about because I used to teach a lot of kickboxing classes and bootcamp type classes like Insanity. I would always wear like a high ponytail, it would bounce around a lot and it would never stay in. Then, I started to notice little hairs around my face that would start to break off and get really damage from always having my hair in a ponytail from working out and for bouncing around a lot .

These seemed to help solve the problem…


wake up and lace up#1 Low side ponytail or side braid – Good for yoga or lifting type workouts. It puts way less stress and pulling on your hair than a high and tight pony or a bun (especially to avoid breakage around your face).


#2 Low ponytail with a braid at the bottom – If you’re like me, I sweat like a 600lb man when I work out, and my ponytails never stay in when I’m doing workout where I bounce around a lot. So for HIIT workouts, bootcamp style like Insanity or spin workouts where I’m sweating and bouncing around and moving a lot, this helps my hair stay in place and keep it from sticking to my sweaty self. (I know you know what I mean – it’s annoying isn’t it? Oh AND it keeps your hair out of your lip gloss if you know what I’m sayin’.) What I like to do instead of just a low ponytail, I will put a ponytail in at the nape of my neck and then braid my hair and put another hair tie at the bottom. So, my hair isn’t whipping around in my face and it really helps to avoid the damage because you’re not pulling your hair in a tight ponytail.


#3 Wear a hat – sometimes, I wear a hat because it keeps your hair in place and it dries up the sweat, and is better than pulling your hair so tight it breaks off. Hats are another favorite for the spin, bootcamp style, and HIIT workouts where I’m sweating a lot, and my hair ponytail is typically whipping all over the place. Just make sure to rinse off your face when you’re done to avoid breakouts. (Those can also be avoided by eating clean, but that’s another story for another day…or just check one of my food blogs.)



lauren#4 Forehead braid – (Not sure what else to call this??) For Piyo or Yoga type classes, especially if you have bangs or a side swoop thing going on. It really helps keep your hair out of your face without putting much stress on it. I do a deep side part and take an inch or two of hair from my forehead back and do a reverse french braid (cross under instead of over). This is one of my favorites when I have a little more time on my hands.  




BONUS TIP: My boss, Chalene Johnson gave me these AMAAAAZING hair ties by “L. Erickson.” You can buy this online on Amazon or find them in one of those Integrative Health Store. These are a life changer if you’re stuck on those high ponies! They are thicker than your normal hair tie and made in a way that holds your hair in place without budging or pulling. They’re a bit more costly than your average hair tie, but well worth it if you want to keep your hair from breaking off!

I hope you find this helpful! If you like fitness fashion, yummy food, fun workouts…and you care about being a happier, healthier person…let’s hang out!

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