Fit Girl’s Fake Shower Kit: How to Fit a Workout in When There’s No Time to Shower

How to Squeeze in a Workout When You’re a Busy Girl and Have No Time to Shower…
Any girls out there struggle wanting to get their workout in but not having time to shower before going back to your day? You need a fake shower kit!!

From this photo one might think that I have showered today…WRONG! Guess again!! Lol…this was taken shortly after workout number 2 of the morning. (Oh and I’m a sweater!)

Workouts are kinda a big deal where I work, so we often will up and leave mid morning and do some kind of exercise. On this day, our staff was lucky to have a personal PiYo workout led by Chalene in her garage. But no time to shower before getting back to work. This happens often…so here’s what I keep in my bag at all times…

Fit Girls Fake Shower Kit

Fit Girl’s Fake Shower Kit:

(All travel sized from Target or a local drug store)

– Baby wipes to clean off the sweat
– Baby powder to make you stop sweating more and smell good
– Deodorant duh
– Dry shampoo fixes sweaty hair
– Perfume to make people think you actually shower
– Lip gloss to look somewhat put together


Oh and it also helps if you change your clothes and brush your hair, too! 😉 Learned this when I ran tons of instructor certifications as a master trainer with no time to shower post workout but had to look somewhat professional to speak the rest of the day. Comes in handy on a daily basis for any busy fit girl who doesn’t have time to (or just plain doesn’t want to) shower. This is how you trick people into thinking you’re a clean person lol. Hope it helps!

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