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Do you get bloated at night? For instance, no matter what you eat, after dinner every night without fail, your stomach expands? Or maybe you get daily headaches? Regular migraines? While most people just reach for the Tums or Tylenol and don’t think much of it, that is only masking the symptoms. It’s not taking […]

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Are you one of those people who stuffs their face on Thanksgiving (or other holidays) to the point where you make yourself sick? But you just…keep…going? I used to be one of those girls…just can’t get enough of those dang nut rolls and that pretzel Jell-O (is that only a thing in Pittsburgh? My California […]

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Eating clean definitely takes planning and preparation.  It has to be REALLY easy to make healthy choices, or else (if you’re anything like me) you won’t.  You have to take the time to make healthy food ready to grab and go, so eating clean is easy and having a healthy diet is a no-brainer.  For […]

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