How to Do What You Love

follow your own pathHow to do what you love… Ever wonder if you’re doing what you’re meant to do? Or maybe at one point in your life you thought of doing that thing you’re most passionate about…but you let the opinions of others get in the way?.. Worried what others would think if you didn’t have a “real job.” You’re never stuck, and it’s never too late to start. I think we all have a path that (if we listen closely to the universe) will lead us exactly where we’re meant to be…

In college, I found a passion for health and fitness and sharing that with others – largely because it helped me through my own depression, and I wanted to pay it forward. When I left college, I tried to make the fitness thing work (even though I had a marketing degree). At one point I was teaching 20 exercise classes a week, training people, running fitness instructor certifications as a Master Trainer on the weekends…and doing freelance marketing projects on the side because even with all of that together, I was barely making enough to move into a small apartment with a friend. Had I decided THEN to go all in starting in my business as an online fitness coach, things would have been much different.

But instead, I constantly berated myself for not having a “real job.” I felt like a failure and really beat myself up to the point where I stopped trying to make the fitness thing work and went out and got a big girl desk job…and I was miserable. I just did the fitness stuff on the side and completely ignored the opportunity and training I had in front of me to successfully start my own business as a coach. I didn’t really believe in myself that I had the ability to do that.

I was blessed to have been asked to move out to California shortly after to work for Chalene Johnson getting to combine my love of fitness/personal development with marketing. (People are always confused and ask me what I do. I manage her company and do marketing for her personal development business – this pic is of me behind the scenes as I often am – helping run one of her live chats.) I will never consider this a “real job” because it’s the farthest thing from corporate, I get to work according to my own creativity, my job is full of excitement, and I have the most incredible team and bosses that spoil the heck out of me.

As much as I love my job, the one thing it has taught me is that the only way I will ever really get to live life the way I truly want to – doing what I want, when I want, with people I want – is by believing in myself and doing my own thing. But had my path not led me here, I don’t think I ever would have believed in myself enough to start! Thanks to Chalene, her teachings and the people I work with, I finally did start working on my own online fitness thing on the side…and what has come about is beyond what I ever thought it could be. I love the little family I’ve created, and I truly love what I do. I can’t wait to see what it blossoms into, and I am forever grateful work for someone who encourages me to go out and pursue my dreams, so I can one day LEAVE them. It blows my mind.

So to give this very long story/post an end…looking back, I realize that I went through what I went through for a reason…the depression, finding a love for fitness, burning myself out in fitness, and coming to California all so I had what I needed.. to do what I need to do. I share this story because I know how hopeless I felt when I was doing something I didn’t love and was feeling really trapped. You CAN start something on the side, or find something in your spare time that will renew your sense of purpose. I wish I had started much sooner…but it’s never too late to start..if you do it NOW. Stop waiting because you think you need to be this or that before you are in the right place to make a move. It happens gradually. All you need to do is take the first step! If that “thing” is fitness for you, I’d love to show you how! It’s what I LOVE to do…so please reach out!

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