3 Tips to Get Out of a Funk, Have an Awesome Monday, and an Awesome Week!

Do you love or hate Mondays? I hope after you read this you like them and see Monday’s less as a source of anxiety and the day that it’s hardest to get out of bed in the morning…and more of a fresh start and something to look forward to because of all the possibilities the week ahead brings! I share this with you because I used to struggle with depression and anxiety, and while I’ve overcome it, I still have to keep myself on track and make sure I’m in the right mindset. I take the steps below each day to get in the mindset I need to be in to continue to be the positive, happy person I am today. Are there bad days? Sure! We all have them! But if you take the steps below you can at least form some healthy habits and start every day off on the right foot.


The Backstory: In my late teens, early 20’s I went through a terrible depression. It hit me out of the blue. I was a happy-go-lucky, active and social person, when a combination of health problems (which I believe stemmed from the food I was eating, but we’ll save that story for another day) and stress sent me spiraling into a deep depression. I was a completely different person. All I wanted to do was sleep. What I once cared about no longer mattered any more. I pushed away the people I really cared about and in so many words my soul withered away inside my body, and I became very withdrawn. It got to the point where I could no longer communicate with people. If someone even looked at me a certain way, my face turned red, I’d start sweating and get really anxious. After a long struggle, I came to the realization that I didn’t want to be that way anymore and if I was going to be alive, this wasn’t the way to do it. I had to do something and start somewhere. So I started with the smallest of baby steps…things that seemed so little, but looking back on it, they had a pretty big effect. This is what I’m sharing with you today! I know so many people can relate to what I went through. Whether you’re struggling with depression and anxiety, or you just realllllly dread Mondays and need a little help getting out of your funk, this is for you!


#1 Workout

Never missDid you workout today? When they say, “Never miss a Monday” when it comes to working out…that is so true. Working out really helps you get out of your funk because it releases endorphins, which naturally improve your mood and give you more energy. The more you lay around, the more tired you are, and the more you feel like crap. When you get up and start your day with a workout, you’ll have more energy to tackle the day and be in a better mood. You’ll have more energy, and you’ll be a happier, nicer and more productive person! Whether you’re working out in the morning or you have to fit it in at night, I promise whatever you’re worried about when you start, it will be forgotten by the end!

Find a workout you really love (or at least like) and can actually look forward to. Something that makes you feel good! For me, that’s anything that involves loud music and some dance moves!

Work out every single day. Do some kind of activity even if it’s going for a walk, or some yoga or stretching! Get your body moving – it will set your intention for the day.


#2 Take Baby Steps Outside Your Comfort Zone

SmallYou know that thing you had an urge to do, but you held yourself back because you felt “dumb” or like people might judge you? Maybe it was something as small as saying “hi” and making conversation with someone new, trying something new, asking a question at a meeting, or just being yourself. That thing you held yourself back from…you need to do it!

When I was really depressed, I started with the smallest of baby steps because everything was a big deal for me. I started with working out. I could do that at the comfort of my own home, and it helped me get outside my comfort zone. Next it was making an effort to make eye contact with people in passing and smile. From there, it went to saying “hi” to somebody, to asking them about their day, to asking someone a question and eventually even making a small talk. That was a big one for me. Many steps later it was pursuing my desire to become a Fitness Instructor because fitness was such a huge component in working through my depression, and I wanted to pay it forward. And I found that when I took the focus off of myself and my own insecurities, and I instead focused on helping other people feel good…I felt better, too! But whenever I taught, I still had to overcome those thoughts of “If I do this, people will judge me,” or “If I say that, people will think I’m dumb.” Every time I had one of those moments and held myself back, the next opportunity I got, I challenged myself to do it! Any time you have this feeling, you should, too!


#3 Find an Uplifting Community of People to Surround Yourself With

POSITIVEFind an uplifting community of people to support and inspire you. And if you don’t feel like you have those kind of people in your life right now, the good news is you can find them online! There are so many supportive groups and communities online and in social media. You just have to put yourself out there a little bit. Plus, when you start acting like a positive person, you will attract more of those kinds of people in your life, too!

I was really blessed to have some very supportive people in my life including my mom and my boyfriend at the time (who is now my other half). But I also found other amazing communities, too! I connected with other fitness minded people on social media, I went to group fitness classes at the gym, and I joined local groups like Toastmasters, since I struggled so much with speaking and communicating with people after my depression.

When you have uplifting people in your life and in the community that you’re a part of, you don’t want to let them down. You don’t want to take two steps back and draw back into that lonely place you were once in because people are counting on you. When you have those people around you, encouraging and inspiring you, and you have to show up, it keeps you going! Find that community!

If you don’t have a community like that, you can join mine! I have a Virtual Bootcamp, it’s free, it’s like a private facebook group. We support each other, we share tips, recipes, and we motivate each other. I would love to have you be a part of it! Go here to join: www.myvirtualbootcamp.com.


Bonus Tip: Feeling Good Comes From the Inside Out.

A lot of this happens from the inside out. When you eat crap, you feel like crap, and you don’t want to do the things that are outside your comfort zone and make you better. It’s a cycle. And much of this process starts by putting clean, whole foods in your body. If you need some more help in this area, go here to download my free clean eating guide: www.donteatyourfeelings.com.

I hope these 4 very simple yet effective tips help you feel a little better today! If you have someone in your life that is in a funk, needs a little motivation right now, or maybe they are dealing with anxiety and depression, too…please share this with them! YOU might be that person that makes all the difference in their life.

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