How to do what you love… Ever wonder if you’re doing what you’re meant to do? Or maybe at one point in your life you thought of doing that thing you’re most passionate about…but you let the opinions of others get in the way?.. Worried what others would think if you didn’t have a “real […]

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Have you hit that point where your pants are just way too snug, or you’ve seen a number on the scale you NEVER thought you’d hit… and you’ve decided you seriously need to do something about it…like, NOW?  Well, vowing to just “lose weight” isn’t going to get you very far.  You need a specific […]

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Eating clean definitely takes planning and preparation.  It has to be REALLY easy to make healthy choices, or else (if you’re anything like me) you won’t.  You have to take the time to make healthy food ready to grab and go, so eating clean is easy and having a healthy diet is a no-brainer.  For […]

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